Who puts on the event?

Mark Deeds, Matthew Lehman, and Eric Wasserman are partners in Mammoth Rocks. The event is not possible without the support of our sponsors, countless volunteers and attendees.



Mammoth Rocks and Taste of the Sierra is a music and food festival featuring some the worlds greatest classic rock tribute bands and the areas finest eateries and restaurants. The event is free however bring some cash and support the event and vendors buy buying a beverage and some food. This year Mammoth Rocks will add a third night on Thursday, August 23 to celebrate our 10th year anniversary. 


What is Mammoth Rocks?

Mammoth Rocks is a music festival featuring some of the worlds best classic rock tribute bands playing homage to the classic rock favorites from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Since 2009 the event has featured nearly 100 incredible bands, many of which have been featured on AXS T.V’s Worlds Greatest Tribute Bands and/or are selling out shows all over California and the U.S.


What is Taste of the Sierra?

Taste of the Sierra is the culinary component of Mammoth Rocks. 12-17 of the areas hottest restaurant and eatery chefs attend to showcase some of their offerings by providing a wide variety of affordable tastes. The Taste of the Sierra is open to all without a cost of gate fee or admission (just pay for the food you want to sample), making it one of, if not the most popular food tasting event in Mammoth Lakes.


What else?

New this year the event producers are pro-actively seeking out and inviting motorcycle riding groups to attend the Mammoth Rocks event; the Mammoth Rocks Rally. Rider Groups friendly to military, law enforcement and fire are the focus. The first year goal is to have 100 riders come to Mammoth Lakes for the weekend of the event. Suggested rides and activities will be provided. A portion of all rider registration fees will go to the Wounded Warrior Center in Mammoth Lakes.



100 Canyon Blvd at the Village Events Plaza, Mammoth Lakes CA 93546


When is it?

Mammoth Rocks always takes place the 4th weekend in August. In 2016 the event takes place on the weekend of Friday, August 26-28. Music starts at 4:00 Friday until 10:00pm. Resuming Saturday at 2:00 until 10:00pm. The Sunday component is still being developed but tentative hours are 1:00 to 5:00pm.


Why? The Mission:

To have an event that attracts locals and visitors alike. The event has proven year over year to deliver a variety of quality entertainment and awesome food at a free, easy to get to venue that can be enjoyed by thousands.


The longer story: The event was conceived out of a Chamber of Commerce hosted workshop in early 2009. One of the key questions posed by the moderator dealt with self sustainability and was, “What can we do as local community to help increase visitor spending and bring people to Town (and be less reliant on the winter months and the already high occupancy months in July and early August)?”


One of the ideas that resulted form this brain storm was to have an event(s) worthy enough to draw people from out of Town to help boost our local economy? It was determined most help was needed during a weekend that historically drops off in summer visitor numbers and to have it during a slower time (shoulder season). The 4th weekend in August was picked because for many, with kids going back to school, summer ends and the visitor numbers dropped off noticeably. The event producers could have made it much easier for themselves by moving the event to a higher visitor occupancy weekend but we continue to stay the course and stick to the original Mission.


After thousands of volunteer hours by many on the Chamber Board at that time the first Mammoth Rocks and Taste of the Sierra was born. The event was a huge success. Every year since the inception of Mammoth Rocks, visitor occupancy has climbed on the 4th weekend in August, helping to fill a time that typically marks the beginning of the shoulder season and the end of summer. After 5 years of managing the event The Chamber of Commerce discontinued the event, citing a desire to focus on other things. Not wanting to see the event die after personally volunteering thousands of hours of our  time growing the event, Matthew, Mark and Eric took over the event. The event continues to grow and is one of the premier events of the year.


Is Outside alcohol permitted? No! The event is free. The event is expensive and the only way it will continue is from our sponsors and from sales at the event bar.


Are Ice chests or cooler bags permitted, No! See above. Your purchase of food and drinks form out vendors is how this event has been able to continue. Thank you for respecting this rule.